Simplifying Christmas Part 6 - Top 5 for wrapping paper.

Looking into my crystal ball, I can see that probably some wrapping paper is going to come your way in the very near future, unless you of course have been extremely sensible and decided to give love, experiences, time etc.  You may have some stashed as well from occasions past, so now is the time to put it to good use and save money...and resources.

For those of you who are still working on being supremely simple and non-materialistic, and so will be receiving gifts, DON'T chuck the paper.  Here are my top five things to do with used wrapping paper;

1) Reuse it as....WRAPPING PAPER.

Even the string on this parcel was salvaged from other gifts.  It looks nice, right?  No need to be ashamed of using it again.  Get creative about it - use old stamps, envelopes, bits of cardboard, fantastic food packaging.

2) Reuse it to make lanterns.  May your lanterns be less flaccid than mine, though. Still the overall effect was pretty.

3) On a party theme, you could use it to make bunting, like the fabric bunting featured in this post...but with paper.

4) Give it to the kidlets to make art with. Little Miss O goes mad for scraps of anything - felt, embroidery thread, wool, ribbon, so a few colourful pieces of wrapping paper to make collages with will go down well.  Then you can use the collage as a wall decoration, gift wrap, as a gift for an adoring grandparent, for a card....

5) Which brings me to the last one.  Use it to make cards.  It can be used as a background for a collage and is especially useful when your card stock comes from old food boxes as it covers up the patterned side.


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