Reducing waste - the bread bag

Of late, my biggest blog love is the Zero Waste Home.  If you haven't read it before, get into it - it will blow your mind.  Bea Johnson is one dedicated and inspirational woman.  Naturally, I have been inspired to reduce waste in our home.

Today, we went to check out two bulk supermarkets Hanamasa and Kobebussan - well, discount/catering/bulk supermarkets.  There were a decent amount of items we can use - both cheaper items and bulk items, so I will be heading back.  I don't think that there is anywhere in Japan that does refilling or fills your containers - if anyone out there knows of any, PLEASE let me know, but at least bulk might be a good start.  Ha.  We just need some space.

I also made this bread bag.  I make bread, but Mr O is not a fan.  Fortunately, there are lots of bakeries that have unpackaged bread, so I made the above bread bag to take with me to fill up with loaves, bagels, baguettes, whatever is fave bread of the moment.

More waste reduction to come....


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