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Anyone feeling that their path to a simpler or minimalist existence is a long and rocky one?  Yes, I know it's me that is holding me back and all that life coaching stuff.  I know.  I am holding myself back. I am letting myself wander into stores (particularly children's stores or sections) without anything particular that I need to buy, really, really need to buy and sometimes, as happened today, exit with a bag full of things that Little Miss O does not need, cute as they may be.  I am letting myself peruse internet shopping websites.  And a host of other unhelpful behaviour.

Recently, I have been slacking off exercise and eating weird and not so very healthy food as well.  And it makes me feel bad...which then perpetuates the behaviour and so the vicious downward spiral begins.  Hm.  Well, I managed to nip that in the bud today by getting off my lazy arse and doing abs yoga with Rodney Yee.  Now to stop shovelling homemade shortbread into my face as fast as I can....

I need to try harder.  Perhaps I need to crack my declutter whip again - that seemed to be working - I was enjoying seeing clutter go out of my house and things get simpler.  Not much good if I bring more back in though, is it?  Sigh.

Ganbatte me!  Let's hope that the future will be full of more positive steps and posts full of the joy of a simple and fulfilling life.


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