It's getting very Christmassy in here....

Ella's swingin' Jingle Bells on the stez, I have eaten four mince pies for dinner (the ones that broke - anyone got any idea why my pastry is breaking? Did I roll it too thin?) and there is a divine smell of cooking in the air.   I LOVE Christmas.

I love the chill in the air, (OK - when I am home, the sizzle of summer too) the music, making delicious things like mince pies, mulled wine and shortbread, decorating the tree, seeing pretty trees and lights everywhere, making and sending cards and setting the table for a feast with family or friends.  I love it when everyone arrives, and we pop the champagne corks and people sit down on chairs, on the floor or wherever and chat and eat some more.

But my pies call me - time to make the next batch.  Errr...and not eat so many of them.  YUM.


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