Almost two....already!

My baby will be two next week....where did THAT go?  We had the Japan chapter of her birthday party today with a select but sweet group of family, neighbours and friends.  I made shortbread as thank you gifts...and a bunny cake (see below).

Hmm,,,perhaps I am not destined to be one of the world's greatest cake decorators, but you can't say that I didn't try.  I ran out of icing though, which means that the sides of my bunny cake were un-iced.  There was also a massive discrepancy between the size of Little Miss O's egg-free, gluten-free (mmm...yum, yum) cake which was about 2cm high and the butter cake which rose magnificently - an unusual feat for my cakes, but today was the day for success.  Whatever - she was stoked.


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