Simplifying Christmas part 4 - Gift ideas

OK - so I talked about why I am over gift-giving and receiving in general, but not everyone is of that opinion, and even I quite like to give gifts from time to time.  Now, I am going to make a suggestion that is considered...hmm - impolite in some circles, but for me, it is the perfect solution.  

If you want to give someone a gift - ask them what they want.  Yes - maybe there are people in your life that you know like the back of your hand and therefore, getting them a gift is really easy.  But then again, even if the gift is something you think they will like, do they actually want it?  Do they have a use for it, or is it going to sit around in their cupboard or wherever in a kind of I-don't-really-need-this-but-I-can't-give-it-away limbo? (just get rid of it, already!)

This is why I love bridal registries.  Well, not only do they sometimes provide endless amusement because of the ridiculous items listed - oyster forks, for example or knife rests, but the idea is so wonderfully practical.  Here is what we want.  Thanks.  Everyone wins.

If you are looking more for a gift that has a minimal impact, then of course, there are all the minimalist type gifts such as concert tickets, amazing dinners out, home-baked goods, organic tea or coffee, wine (Santa - please, please can I have a case of really good chardonnay and sparkling wine?), babysitting for exhausted parents, organic body lotion and so on.  OK - eherm, so that's my Christmas list right there.  Hehe.

How are you handling your Christmas gifts this year?


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