Simplifying Christmas Part 2

I love making Christmas cards - as you can see in this post.  Although a lot of people don't get into snail mail any more these days, I love it.  It is one of the great joys in life to find a cheery little envelope in the letter box.  Writing a good letter is also quite a skill - and I am as guilty as anyone at putting it off.

However, I digress.  Christmas cards.  I know a lot of people say "don't send them, " but I say "send them and MEAN IT".  You don't need to send a Christmas card to the girl you sat next to at university in 1992 who you haven't really seen since.  And you certainly don't need to send one of those hideous newsletters (I think I have been guilty of that in the past - sorry!)  - a short but sweet and PERSONAL message is much nicer.

My Chrisso cards this year are postcards - it saves paper on the card itself and the envelope, which is a good environmental move,  and it is much cheaper to send them, so it is a bit of a thrifty move too.  There is no shame in saving a bit of cash in a clever way, I say.  And of course, they are handmade using old Chrisso cards and wrapping paper on cardstock...which I like to think is...thoughtful in itself - taking the time to handmake your cards.

So cut your list, cut your paper usage, make them yourself or get the fam in on the project and take the time to write a message that actually is directed at the person to whom you are writing.


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