Simplifying Christmas Part 1

I am trying to keep this Chrisso as simple as possible. Hm.  OK - I can probably do better next year, but I am definitely cutting back.

One of the first things I have done this year is to make the fruit mince for mince pie and put it in the fridge to macerate (what a fantastic word) for a month.  Christmas is a lot about food - not excess, hopefully, just delicious, and mince pies are part of that.  At our little birthday/Chrisso party that we are planning, I am planning to serve mince pies and mulled wine and give shortbread as the prezzies with little lolly bags for the kids.  No plastic crappy toys inside, just some basic sweets.  Although I never give Little Miss O lollies or McDonalds or any crapola like that, I think at special occasions, a sweetie or two is OK.



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