Quick organising tip: jewellery

As much as possible, I like to keep stuff where I can see it, so I use it.  For example, jewellery - if it's shoved away in a box or drawer, I forget about it, and it never gets worn.  That's why I decided to go for these transparent pockets from...you guessed it...Daiso.  They are designed for pills, but work well for accessories.  In a similar fashion to the turning-hangers-around-to-sort-out-wardrobe theory which I am applying to both my own and Little Miss O's wardrobes, I am sorting my jewellery by only putting the jewellery that I wear in the pockets.  At the end of each day, whatever jewellery I have worn goes into the clear pockets.  Eventually, I will be able to work out what I really wear and then I can get rid of the rest.  


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