Mending and making do

For me, part of simplifying my life is learning to work with what I have rather than go out and buy more or consume more.  This can apply to everything - from clothing to food to gifts....

This morning, Mr O declared there was no food in the house, but we were both reluctant to go out in the rain and cold and yesterday's adventures had left me a little tired (I went on a waterslide for the first time in my life.  How had I never done that before?  FanTAStic!).  I rustled around in the kitchen a bit and managed to pull together a meal of sorts.  Yeah - baked beans don't really go with miso soup, but this meal was basically nutritious, healthy, warming and filling.  Checks all my boxes.

Slowly, I am trying to whittle down my pantry before I go out and buy more stuff, and I hope to get it down to only two baskets instead of four soon.  There's no need to have so much food hanging around - I should only keep in stock what we are going to eat in the immediate future.

What's your pantry like?  What are your favourite make do recipes?


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