I love felt - egg cosy

Little Miss O and I have been having some cosy arvos in the craft/Buddha/guest room fiddling around with my craft supplies.  The other day, I saw some very cute egg cosies at the Cath Kidston store at the outlet we went to.  They were about 1000 yen after the discount, and I thought...pfff.  I can make that!

Cut to the craft room where I messed around with some felt, ribbon, pompoms, these weird little vintage letters that I decided I HAD to have ages ago (when I reflect on some of the bizarre things I have bought....sigh)...and my infinite supply of embroidery thread. Et voila!  I think I will send these to my cousin along with some tea and jam.  She loves a bit of a cuppa and such, and lives somewhere where it gets damn cold, so I think these will go nicely.

Ahhh...I haven't made any stuff for ages, so it feels good.  I also love being able to give it away.  :)


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