Decluttering Task Thirty-nine

Yesterday, we were out and about at "Aqua City" enjoying indoor pools, waterslides, saunas and onsens, so there was no decluttering.  We popped into an outlet nearby, and it was amazing how disinterested we all were in it.  I picked up a long sleeve white tshirt to replace my one that is too sad for wearing now and will be knitted into a bathmat and..very exciting stuff - some discounted olive oil and baked beans.  Yummy dinner though.

Little Miss O was getting into the declutter today, and she decided that these sweet little rattles were ready to "go to another baby."

Getting kids in on the declutter is a good idea.  Not only might it teach them about keeping life simple or the kindness of giving to others or even keeping their spaces tidy, but they might even be able to earn a little spending money for the winter holidays if they sell their things.  Each child is different, so it's up to you how you work this with your kids.  I just still Little Miss O down and we look at a few toys or clothes and decide whether they go to another baby or stay with her.  It's also good because it helps her to rediscover toys she hasn't played with for a while, and therefore, she has "new" things to play with and doesn't need to have really new ones.  Hooorah!


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