Decluttering Task Thirty-eight

Rainy days are great for decluttering....trackies on, some nice warm soup leftover from last night (Mr O makes the BEST daikon and tofu soup.  YUM), some Franc(cedilla on the c)oise Hardy on the stez and a pile of stuff to sort through.  Yesterday, we skived off and did fun stuff like bike ride, lounge in saunas and eat yummy Japanese food.  

I am getting rid of some jewellery that I never wear....including the watch face of my first watch that I got when I was seven and overwound...possibly on the same day.  I have kept that broken watch since then...ridiculous.  As you can see, it was made in the USSR which shows how long it's been around.  Why on earth I have been schlepping that around for the past...eherm...32 years, I do not know.

Perhaps today, you can look around and find something that you have kept for EVER and for a reason that you have long since forgotten (if there ever was a reason at all) and pass it on, donate it, sell it or chuck it.


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