Decluttering Task Thirty-seven

Little Miss O and I ripped through our spare room/office/sewing room/guest room today.  I want to go back to study and do a MA in Chinese, but I need to brush up a lot on my characters and vocab, so I am going to do that with a combo of basic drills etc. and also by trying to translate a book and some stories that I have always wanted to read.

Anyway - I wanted a nice, clear, comfy and quiet place to study (not on the couch near the TV), so I got rid of a lot of things and now, it is all set to go. Woohooo.  I am also going to study the science of photography.  The theory.  And Japanese.  Er - so, it's going to be quite busy.

Setting yourself a goal for your decluttering/simplifying makes it a lot easier.  Today's idea is to visualise how things will look after you have cleared out the crap.  Today, I could totally see myself at night, with a nice cup of tea, sitting in the chair with a pile of books and dictionaries, getting into my translation and studying my old textbooks.  Sharp pencils definitely featured too.  I visualised myself beginning my masters hopefully halfway through the next academic year and being able to use my Chinese skills to get some work in the future.  Decluttering was the first step in making it happen.  Next is working out a study schedule based on what I want to achieve and by when.  Have you got a dream or a goal that can help you get on with the task at hand?


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