Decluttering Task Thirty-five

A scarf.  I love scarves, but I am beginning to realise that I am more a chunky or long-wrapped-around kind of scarf person.  Somewhere, I long to be a cute little Parisian with an oh-so-chic little scarf tied in an oh-so-nonchalantly-stylish way, but I am not.  I also really want to do the whole scarf headband or headscarf Grace Kelly/Jackie O thing but the scarf always slides off and I end up looking more like...I am about to clean the house than movie star glam. So the scarf has to go.  Bye scarf.

And now - it is your turn.  Back to the wardrobe.  Many of us have items of clothing that represent us as we want to be - our fantasy selves.  Maybe it is too small as we want to lose weight.  Maybe it is super-fashionable, when we are really a classics kind of person - or vice-versa.  Whatever it is - if it represents a person that does not exist right now, then donate it, sell it, give it to a friend...and let the clothes define you as you really are - which is just as good a person as the fantasy one - show your personality to the world.


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