Decluttering task Thirty-two

Oufffff.  Little Miss O was pressing all my buttons today - is it wrong to want to declutter your child?  And then I went and dropped dinner all over the table, chair, floor and Mr O's clothes.  Hooray!  ANYWAY.  We got on it techtonic and for some unknown reason, I decided it was time to scrub the hell out of the kitchen.  Cut to a million greasy cloths later - ewwww - and I still haven't finished.  BUT - I did manage to gather up some more things to kick to the curb.  I now have a relatively blank fridge with only a calendar and a pen and a few magnets for the aforementioned child to play with while I cook.

Inspiring today's little idea, are the very pretty but totally GONE Wedgwood salt and pepper shakers.  I got these in.....1994, and I have never EVER used them, but I have stored them and shipped them and kept them sitting in my kitchen all this time.  That's 18 years, people.  What the hell?!  So - now, let's all look around our homes and find something that has been there for more than 15 years (sorry if you are not old enough to have anything that old!) and think....very VERY seriously...Do I need this?  Do I really really really reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaallly need it?  And if not - take it out of its spot and put it in the bin or the donation box or wherever it needs to go to get it out of your life.  Et voila.

I should go and so some yoga, but a little drinkie seems so much more appropriate


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