Decluttering Task Thirty-one

Hello beautiful people.  Well - although there was a little declutter block yesterday, Little Miss O and I got right back into it today.  She played happily with all my beautiful coloured pencils (NOT going to be decluttered) while I got stuck into my craft supplies again.  As I mentioned, the declutter is getting deeper now.  I am really starting to strip back.  If ONLY I could find somewhere to send all this bloody crap.  Seriously - what is wrong with Vinnie's? Why are there no charity stores - or hardly any - in Japan?  I'll tell you what though - it certainly makes me think twice or even thrice about buying stuff any more as the thought of getting rid of it, if I ever do, is quite painful.

Business cards from a previous incarnation.  Or something.  Maybe I will get it all started up again, but then again maybe I won't.  Regardless, these cards have the wrong info on them, so there is no point in hanging on to them anymore.  As for my suggestion....cut to the end of the pics...

Today, I also took a look at my reading bar and cut out any blogs that I thought I wasn't feeling any more.  (Hey - not mine!  Not mine!)  It was pretty simple - ones that used to be good reads but had kind of become a bit lame in recent posts and ones that weren't really making me feel...minimalist, I guess. Ones about stuff and shopping and shopping and stuff and stuff.  And more stuff.  

Don't worry - there will be more eco kind of craft amidst the haste and more travel and allergy-free and books and all sorts of fun things between the moments of great decluttering...


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