Decluttering Task Thirty

A lot of digital decluttering today, but some tangible goods also found their way out;

Finished reading my book of the month, and I have decided not to keep it.  I shall post my review anon.

Some extremely oversized tshirts that were sent to me as a promotional gift when I bought some eco products online (please don't do that people!).  I wore them a few times in summer when it was way too hot for anything else and now they are going out via being knit into a bathmat for my friend for Chrisso.

Speaking of promotional gifts - I had an idea for all the bits and bobs that come Little Miss O's way at restaurants and on planes etc. and that I am always too slow to stop (although I shall keep trying to fend them off before she sees them).  I am going to pop them all in a bag and take them when we go on holidays.  She will have some relatively new-to-her toys to play with at times of stress such as traffic jams and if they get mislaid, it won't be a big deal.


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