An invitation....

Actually, ten of them to be exact.  Today, Little Miss O and I were hard at work making invites for her birthday party in Sydney. It's going to be a simple affair - a morning picnic at the beach.  Naturally, I want to make it a minimalist affair in a celebratory fashion, so will be borrowing things like Eskies and cups and asking guests to bring something yummy to eat or drink instead of gifts.

I used some card that I already had, ribbon that I already had, stamps and ink that I already had and then made the envelopes out of old wrapping paper.  Cost = ZERO.  Woohooo.  It's all about cost = ZERO at the moment as I am saving up to go home at Christmas and also to go to Europe in May-July next year.

Recently, I have been panicking about the fact that those two trips are going to clear me completely out of cash and that there isn't anything really on the horizon finance wise.  Of course, this is a bit daunting and I really want to do something that is going to solve that earning issue in the long term, BUT as I was showering tonight, I thought...well, what does it matter if I don't have any spare cash next year?  I don't need anything aside from food and personal hygiene items.  If I can't afford gifts for the fam/friends or I can't think of anything amazing to make to give them, then I am just going to have to tell them that the funds are a bit tight, which really is not a big deal.  They are my family and friends after all.

On another note, there was no decluttering today.  I think that it's time to really start cutting things down, and I guess, subconsciously, I am a bit resistant to that.  Hm.


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