Allergy free: Pancakes

Please note that allergy free posts cover my daughter's personal allergies - eggs, sesame and all nuts but walnuts and does not constitute medical advice.

Let's be honest, people, these pics came out looking like little pools of spew in the fry pan, but...what the hell, Little Miss O loved them. Er - they are pancakes with blueberry and apple and cinnamon (above) and (below) with tomato, mushroom and oregano.  I used this recipe - hers look a lot better than mine - but had to make a few adjustments.  Little Miss O is allergic to butter and coconut oil, and I can't find dairy free spread in Japan, so I just used olive oil.  Also - my batter was quite thick, so I whacked in about another 1/4 cup of soy milk.  They tasted...well...allergy free but were a bit less flaccid and grey than the Orgran ones.  Little Miss O wolfed them down.


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