A simplified wardrobe - winter skirt and jeans

This was a gift from my mum last year and I LOVE it.  Hm - yes - there it is again - the fact that I love the things in my wardrobe.  I am not a big pattern wearer - mostly a stripe for tops and especially not a pattern wearer so much for the bottom half, but I liked this so much and the fact that it was on cord too. Printed cord is my all-time favourite fabric, I think.  Anyway - to be honest, I haven't worn this much, I put on a bit of weight after I got it, which I am losing again, so it was a bit tight, but hopefully, it will fit again now.  

These poor babies have been worn to death.  I have two pairs as they are basically my uniform.  I love skinny (these soooo don't look skinny in this pic, they look....thighy - but anyway.) jeans.  So good with boots and...I am very partial to a boot.  And only ever in an indigo wash.  I tried grey and black, but they just didn't work for me.  I'll be patching these where they are wearing out for casual wear, but I fear a search for a new jean - a formal jean, if you like, may be on the horizon.

Do you have a uniform piece in your wardrobe?


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