A simplified wardrobe - the winter coat and the LBD

As I mentioned before, I did the capsule wardrobe thing a while ago, but it didn't work for me, so now I am taking you on a tour of my simplified wardrobe...

Winters in this 'hood and even more so in my previous 'hood - Shanghai, can get quite cold.  Not freezing your tits off cold, but cold enough.  Therefore, a winter coat is a necessity.

I bought this baby a few years ago now - it was EXPENSIVE, but it is lovely and thick and very warm.  I love the classic look of duffle coats, the bonus of having a hood and the more casual appeal that they have.  Black is good - it goes with everything, doesn't show too much dirt (although a lot of fluff!) and is...slimming.  Slimming is good.  It also goes with my colouring.

I only have one winter coat in my Tokyo wardrobe.  This is it.

I love this dress.  I love it even more because I got it on sale - reduced by about 75%.  YES!  It's black - again - hello creativity and diversity in my wardobe.  Haha.  It's made of some kind of highly not-natural fabric so it holds its shape well and doesn't pill and doesn't need ironing.  Bonus.  The slightly tulip skirt makes my waist look smaller and the buttons can be buttoned up to be formal or unbuttoned to be...a little risque.  Works as well at a job interview as it does at a cocktail party.  The supreme LBD.


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