A simplified wardrobe - the winter casual dress and dressy dress

This is a new addition to my wardrobe - a gift from my lovely cousin and I love it.  It can be given different looks with different tops underneath and different leggings/boots/tights combos (although, I must say, I am mostly a black leggings kind of girl).  It is also very flattering - giving a nice streamlined flat look.  YES!

It's great that so far, reflecting on all the wardrobe pieces I am posting, that I can say I love all of them.  There are no kind of sort of maybes in my wardrobe anymore, so every day I am dressed in something I love and that suits me.  This is a very funky wrap dress which is quite transseasonal - although too heavy for full summer.  It's got a great nautical pattern and a bum flattering frill.  Again - it would be fine for work and also fine for a party depending on the accessories.

What dresses rock your winter wardrobe?


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