A simplified wardrobe - making it work

A while ago, I started doing posts on a capsule wardrobe based on some lists I had found on the internet, but in the end, that kind of petered out because I didn't feel like those lists were really "me."  I guess a pared down wardrobe that works for you..errr...has to work for YOU.  I'm definitely not the trench coat/classic dress pant wearing type of woman, nor do I really have much use for a hip length blazer, for example.

So - how do you make your wardrobe work for you?

1) If you have been using the turned around coathangers system, then you will already have an idea about what you are wearing and what you are not.
2) Over a period of two weeks to a month, snap a picture of what you actually wear on a day to day basis. This will help you to identify what you really wear often and also, what looks good on you.
3) Think about what you do.  For example, I work freelance (haha - rarely) from home and take care of the lovely Little Miss O, and I have no intention of ever returning to an office environment ever again, so I have no need for work clothes.  I try to do exercise every day of some sort, so I need clothes for working out, but I wouldn't be seen dead in work out gear outside except on my way to and from the gym, so I need other clothes too.  My wardrobe revolves around skinny indigo jeans except in full summer, so I don't need lots and lots of skirts or dresses...but I still have a few for summer and for a dressier occasion.
4) Don't hoard.  For example, I used to have squillions of pairs of jeans, but I found I always returned to the same pair or two, so now I only have two pairs of jeans in my wardrobe...and sadly, they are fading fast.  If anyone has any Sass and Bide Neon Nights in a 29 indigo wash....
5) Focus on accessories.  A basic wardrobe can be turned into a fabulous one with careful accessorising.  I have a beautiful white shirt with French cuffs that looks great casually with my jeans, a  man's waistcoat, scarf and Converse, a beret and a great ring or cuff.  However, if I switch around, lose the beret and the waistcoat, open an extra button on the shirt, tuck it in with a great shiny belt, change the jewellery to a huge crystal pendant and a cocktail ring and slip on a pair of patent heels - hello evening.
6) And even though you think you might have narrowed it down to the bare minimum - or your lagom, keep using the coathanger system.  You might find that there are still a lot of things that can be let go.


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