Samsara Project: pants and top which things pass through states of existence...

Haha - Little Miss O looks slightly ramshackle.  Anyway.  This groovy little top which I found when cleaning out stuff was made from a very cute pair of organic pants from H&M (the sleeves) and a top that was a hand me down from my nephew which she also wore when she was younger.  To make the top longer, I attached the ribbed waist band of the pants as the ribbing at the bottom of the top.  This is teamed with a super cute GAP skirt that I picked up at the baby recycle shop for 390yen - about five dollars.  Got to love a denim skirt and a striped combo.

Old pants legs make great sleeves for new tops - I have done it quite a few times and it's always been successful.  Oh - except once, when I cut the body part too narrow.  Hm.  

Oh sewing..... I had a crap sewing day today - a dress I was making looks like an ugly sack and no amount of fiddling is going to improve it, so tomorrow, I am going to pack it all up and sell it off.  No use ploughing on if I am not actually going to wear the damn thing.  I'll use the fabric - cut it down for something for Little Miss O.  Thank goodness I used my brain for once and didn't cut the other one  was going to in the same style but in MUCH more expensive fabric.  Phew.


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