Sewing for kids: Playing with old tshirts

Although I am trying to declutter our house, I am trying to do it in as environmentally sound a way as possible - selling, donating, giving to friends, regifting (!!!), freecycling and then, if absolutely necessary - recycling and so a little reusing is going on alongside the recycling and reducing.

As I am in the throes of a wardrobe cull and revamp, there are a lot of things going out.  Old tshirts are hard to get rid of - seriously - who wants a worn out, stretched, faded old tshirt? - so I am trying to find ways to recycle them.  I am working on knitting a rug which is actually almost finished - the knitting is done, now I am tidying up all the loose ends - with some old tshirts and today, I did a bit of a bedazzle of a tshirt of Little Miss O's using an old tshirt of mine that she loves.  I love it too - but it makes me look round-shouldered and pot-bellied, so just had to go.  Sigh.  Finding the right clothes is hard.

It came out quite cute, no?  I think a smart little red skirt would look fab with this.  Oh the joys of sewing for a little friend.

What do you do with your old tshirts?  I would love to hear your ideas.


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