Samsara project: T-shirts to rug which things pass through states of existence...

Yay!  I finished it.   It's not my prettiest work - a bit wobbly around the edges, but I was a bit slack  on the old stitch counting due to my excitement to get it finished - and also my problems with the t-shirts coming undone as I knitted.  I think maybe the fabric of each tshirt being a little different my have had an impact as well, but we shall see when I try again.

It feels glorious underfoot - really squishy and delicious.  Next, I am going to dig up some more t-shirts and knit a bathmat for my friend for her Christmas prezzie.


  1. That is awesome. One day, I'd like to give it a go too

    1. Thanks lovely! Yeah - it took me ages and ages to get around to it, but now I have, I am addicted. Got to keep trying to think of ways to make stuff and not buy it and to reuse other stuff, hey? I love all of your ideas. Fantastic. x


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