Making the switch - potatoes

Listed on the EWG Dirty Dozen list are potatoes, so today, I made the switch to organic.  I picked these up at Natural House in the 0101 building in Kita Senju.  For those of you in Japan, I am currently working on a little sourcebook of where to get the good stuff - mail order and bricks and mortar stores - the results of my endless searching so that there will be a one-stop spot for recommendations, which I so desperately needed when I first came here.  Man - I still need one!


  1. That's interesting - I'd never heard that about potatoes but I guess it makes sense. Am surprised that broccoli is not on the list - had always heard that it's totally pesticide laden....

  2. It's really hard to know, isn't it? Ideally all organic would be the go - but....ahhh....finances don't always stretch that far.


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