Decluttering Task Twenty-nine

Hello beautiful people.  Am getting back to normal today - no more weird eyes detached from head inertia kind of sensations, which is very pleasing.
Little Miss O and I were cruising the mean streets of the Toke today, picking up visas, eating sushi, hanging out at cafes and doing a spot of clothes shopping (reclutter confessional below)...
However, a whole bunch of DVDs managed to get added to the pile and also, the recipes I think I would like to cook pile is getting smaller and smaller every day.  I am narrowing it down to ones that I would actually cook - not too fiddly, not too many fancy and expensive ingredients, definitely no nuts and not too egg-based or wheat based, so I can do substitutes for the little girl.  This criteria left me with about one recipe.  Hm.

Have you got a big pile of recipe tear out sheets at home?  Why not get rid of them by setting yourself some criteria e.g.

1) Do I have all the equipment necessary (the last thing you want to do when you are decluttering is go out and buy more kitchen stuff, right?)?
2) Is the cooking time feasible for me?  If you get in late and want something fast but tasty, things that need to simmer for an hour might not be the go.
3) Am I prepared to do all the complicated steps?
4) Are the ingredients readily available where I live?  In Japan, that cuts out a lot of recipes - especially ones with fancy cheeses.  And artichokes.  And sumac.  And beetroot.  And so on and so on.  They are available but expensive and not at my local supermarket.  I do have a few of these recipes for special occasions, it must be said.
5) Are there ingredients that people in my family or my friends are allergic to or don't eat?  Little Miss O's allergy list is a mile long and Mr O is not a chilli fan, sadly.

That might narrow your collection down to a more realistic pile.  Now, get cooking and if they don't work, chuck those recipes too.

And here is my little reclutter extravaganza.  Not really impulse purchases - as I was trying to get Little Miss O dressed this morning, I discovered she has a bunch of bright, patterned and colourful clothes but nothing to go with them and a lot of skivvies, but not so many long sleeved t-shirts, and it's still a bit warm for skivvies.  Therefore, we popped into Muji and found a whole lot of organic cotton stuff for kids as well as 20% off.  OK - the denim pinafore was an impulse buy,'s cute....


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