Decluttering Task Twenty-seven

Some more photo albums today.  I have almost cleared the two big boxes that were sitting on the floor filled with albums and photos, and I am so happy to see an open clear space there.  Almost.  Just a few negatives and contact sheets to deal with and I am DONE.  Of course, the albums need labelling etc., but the sorting part is over, red rover.

There are still two big big boxes in my living room which are full of stuff that I am finding it hard to get rid of, so I am going to try a few different avenues over the coming weeks - craigslist, some local rags, recycle shops....see if anything can be upcycled to be regifted or something.  I really want to avoid landfill.  Well, actually, more like incineration here, but still, it's not the best outcome.

Anyone got any ideas on how to get rid of stuff in Tokyo?  I tell you what though, it's really going to make me thing very carefully about what I buy in the future.  In fact....I shall make that today's suggestion....

Before you go to buy something, think about when and how you are going to get rid of it once you are done with it.  Is it going to be something that you will use for many years to come, that may, as my grandpa used to say "see you out" or is it going to be something that you are going to get sick of soon and dispose of?  Is it recyclable, biodegradable?  Is it something that someone else might be able to use after you?  Can it be handed down or upcycled or pulled apart for parts?  Food for thought that might just stop you from making that next impulse purchase.


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