Decluttering Task Twenty-six

Today, it's a couple of cookbooks that are waaaaaaay too heavy on the meat side (I haven't eaten chicken, pork, beef, etc. etc. for...goodness....25 odd years now - 12 years of which I didn't even eat fish) so are not really very useful for me.  I also have a plan for the weekend - to finish clearing out my photo albums and to look for some new avenues for getting rid of my stuff.....I would like the boxes that are in my living room full of unwanted crapola to go AWAY.

My little suggestion for today is to clean it when you see it.  A little on the spot cleaning takes a few seconds and then it's DONE.  If you notice spots on the splashback when you are cooking dinner, give then a quick wipeover.  Dust on the toilet paper holder? Grab some loo roll and clean it off while you are ermm..otherwise engaged.  Attacking little messes as you see them will mean less great chunks of your day taken up with cleaning the house.  And that has to be a good thing.


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