Decluttering Task Twenty-five

Hm - the declutter is losing momentum a bit, well, no - well, yes.  Let's just say that I am on the second round and that things that need to go are less obvious.  Little Miss O and I were out most of the day - don't get me started on the Chinese embassy - and so there was only time for a start on my folders of magazine clippings that are beginning to head out the door too.   The first one is my home ideas folder and seeing as our home is getting closer to how I want it to look AND magazine articles make me feel inadequate and uncool, they are being recycled - except for a couple of home deco craft ideas which I will stick in my creative journal.

Speaking of journals, I have started up a household manual, which I think is going to be very useful.  As I am sure I have mentioned previously, for me, part of decluttering is being organised and having the right place for everything so that precious time isn't wasted looking for stuff etc.

I just used a folder that used to be a recipe folder and in it so far, I have filed;

A list of addresses of people I send mail to
A list of food that should be bought organic
A postcard rotation list - I send out random postcards to friends and this makes sure that everyone gets some each year and that I also don't spend time trying to remember who got one when and to whom I should really write

Examples of things that are going to go in there when they are ready;

A monthly mail order list - for all the eco supplies I buy online
A planting calendar for my little balcony garden
A list of seasonal foods
A list of wines that I have enjoyed....

That way, I can quickly refer to these things as and when I need them instead of scrabbling around for the info.

There was a little recluttering today -

Nothing terribly exciting or decadent, I am afraid.  Two organic cotton men's undershirts that I am going to wear with my PJs and some long socks for Little Miss O as the weather FINALLY starts to cool down in the Toke.  I moved away from a divine navy and white spot cotton and silk mix dress ON SALE.  I really don't want to buy any clothes until I have worked out the ideal kind of wardrobe for me...and finished the cull on my clothes.


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