Decluttering Task Twenty-four

Wayhay!  50 days of decluttering...Today was taken up with other things, but I did squeeze in a bit of kitchen cupboard cleaning and dug out these that I bought in HK eleven years ago and have NEVER used.  Oh man.  Why have I been lugging them around....During those eleven years, I have moved from the UK to China to France and back to China and then to Japan with little respites in Australia in who knows how many times I have shifted these buggers?  No more.  Be gone.

My little suggestion today is something I am trying so hard to work on but my deeply inherent laziness kind of prevents me from doing most of the time hence signalling the need for some serious kicking of own behind...

Put stuff away straight away and do it properly.

Oh - I am a notorious dumper on the table to be "filed" later and a terrible, shove it in the cupboard and close the door kind of person sometimes too.  In order to keep a clutter-free and organised home, as well as getting rid of crap, I am trying to put the stuff I do have away straight after I have used it AND doing it properly and neatly.  I will prevail.

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