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Please note that allergy free posts cover my daughter's personal allergies - eggs, sesame and all nuts but walnuts and does not constitute medical advice.

Part of the fantastic bundle of joy that arrived from i-herb yesterday (seriously - check them out - I am completely and utterly unaffiliated with them in any way, but they ROCK.  I ordered a parcel on the 9th and it arrived on the 12th and they have a deal with some Japanese delivery companies so postage is reasonable and they have a huge range of eco products.  YES!) were some bags of Bob's Red Mill gluten free bread mix - the Homemade Wonderful Bread....

It was a bit tricky as I had to use egg replacer (Little Miss O being allergic to eggs and all), and I didn't quite know how much to use.  Also - my little stick beaters were not heavy duty enough for the batter and said "NO" in a very shrill pitched mechanical voice, so I had to mix by hand a bit, which I am sure didn't help.  However - it came out smelling good - crispy on the outside and moist in the middle (that word AGAIN!) and it tasted...well, it tasted like nothing, which is in fact, a good thing.  It didn't taste like real bread, but it didn't taste gluten-free - that kind of weirdy aftertaste that GF bread can have.  Little Miss O liked it, and basically, that's what counts here.


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