A couple of thrifty fixes

No, the above is not part of a Halloween costume, but a little fix I did on a favourite jumper.  I went a bit over the top on some depilling and it's actually very fine wool/cashmere, so it didn't like it much, and I ended up with quite a few holes.  I really love the shape of this jumper, so I decided to stitch the holes up and cover the stitching with pompoms from Daiso.  I don't know how long those pompoms will last in the wash, but they look cute and pert now.  I think I managed not to get any right on my boobs....

I am currently working on this although I am not sure a) I like it b) I have the motivation to continue c) I'll wear it.  Anyway - it might give you a few ideas...

I am not sure why, but I am notorious for staining items in the wash.  Or bleaching them.  Or getting mysterious yellow spots on everything.  This is a really cute top, so I wanted to salvage it.  I did applique the last time, so I thought I would try something different using my fabric markers. Except I can't actually draw very well.  Hmmm.  It's a work in progress... If it really sucks, I will just knit it into a bath mat.


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