Food budget challenge

It's been a bit of a blow-out week this week. I am up to 7523yen already and still have a few days to go - although I think I have them pretty much covered.  I hope so with 527 yen left in the kitty.

There has also been some bulk buying - I am thinking of joining Costco, but I would like to look at it first. In the meantime, Rakuten has some decent deals on bulk products although I skipped the 25kg bag of bicarb soda in favour of the 6kg one.  I also didn't buy a 1kg bag of organic coffee because I am pretty well stocked for coffee at the moment.

4410yen on 8kg of various pulses from Ambika Japan
1140yen on around 3l of eco dishwashing detergent from Soukai on Rakuten
2362yen on around 4.5l of eco laundry detergent from Soukai on Rakuten
667yen on 5l of white vinegar from Good Mam888 on Rakuten
995 yen on 6kg of bicarb from Good Mam888 on Rakuten

9574yen....if I can still add up correctly.    I had 3154 saved, so that leaves me with a debt of 6420.  Hm.  Still, that should go for a loooong while.


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