Food budget challenge

Haha - this is my first attempt at bread and butter pudding.  I kind of followed the recipe featured here but I used vanilla essence (two capfuls) and two cups of milk and one of cream because cream is soooo expensive here.  I made it because we had a whole lot of toast bread that was out of date by a while in the freezer and I didn't want to waste it.  I sampled a little and it was pretty damn good.

I used a coupon again today to get Little Miss O's yoghurt at a small discount - so this bill was 2314 yen in the end and the one below was from a total of 5501 yen this week which brings my savings for bulk (and allergy food) to 3154. 

What I am learning as I go is to hold back and not buy tons of stuff at once and to be more creative with what I have. For example, I am almost out of bread mixes for Little Miss O, but I have plenty of gluten free plain flour, so I am going to give baking GF bread a go.  Haha.  Nervous laughter.
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