Food budget challenge

Man.  I am really enjoying the food budget challenge.  Who ever imagined that I was such a tight wad? Haha.  These are my receipts for Monday - Wednesday, so my budget would be 3450 yen.  On Tuesday, I busted out some coupons and some points and spent a total of 636 yen.  The receipt is a little complicated, but that is how it works out in the end.  And today, I spent 1516 and that's actually going to take us through to Friday.  So, if I add 1150 yen for Thursday to make my budget 4600 yen...

4600 - (1516+636) = 2448 left over.  PLUS last week's 605 yen means I have 3053 stashed in the kitty for bulk purchases and staples when the need arises.


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