Food budget challenge

And the final expenditure for the week - plus 900 yen on fresh local veggies from the mountains for which there was no receipt as it was a gorgeous honesty box system.    So, let's do some maths;

900 + 575 + 2132 + 1114 + 2724 = 7445  Wayhay!  I did it.  I came in 605 yen under.  Mind you - we did have two dinners and two lunches out this week, but that was kind of counter balanced by the expensive artisanal bread and the last grocery shop which was without a list or much organisation so probably involved some overspending somewhere.  And Mr O did buy some fruit, which also helped.... Hm.

Still - I am encouraged and I think I can do even better this week - perhaps even without the supplementary items.  I might bust out my supermarket points as I am saving up for some bulk purchases - oats and bicarb soda which will take up a lot of cashola.

And just so you don't think we are existing on pasta and cup noodles, here are some pics of our recent meals;

French toast with apples and a delicious lunchtime salad. YUM!


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