Food budget challenge

YAY!  I came in under budget again. It was tricky this time, and I had to be smart and swap some things over to come in under budget.  For example, I wanted to get smoked salmon for our breakfast rolls tomorrow morning but it was much more expensive than buying some pieces of salmon, grilling them and flaking them up for the rolls.  I also needed fruit for Little Miss O today and a bunch of bananas was cheaper than one naxi.  Still decent healthy food, but just different choices.

 I am stashing the small change for when it's time to stock up on pantry basics such as spices and oils and so on.  My supermarket also gives points - I think it's one point for every 100 yen spent, so that will be useful for when it comes time to restock.

Other interesting things - a couple of links;

I found a blog that discusses and gives info about farmers' markets in Tokyo....the link is here.  Most of them are quite far from home, so I might see if I can get some info on ones in Chiba and Saitama.

I am still considering the whole organic thingie and found this interesting article and this one about which fruit and veg (and dairy) is better to buy organic.  I would like to find some info about which other foods such as flours, pulses and so are better to buy organic.  As a person on a budget, I unfortunately have to be a bit selective about my organic purchases.  There is also this article about veggie boxes in Japan.

Currently, I am looking up some places to do bulk purchasing as well.....figure that will be a good way to keep costs down.


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