Decluttering Task Twenty-three

Sorry all - I forgot to mention that I was taking a little sabbatical while the O-family went on a little trip to Nikko to celebrate our third wedding anniversary...and what jolly japes it was too.  We ate fit to burst, saw beautiful scenery and Little Miss O had her first onsen and loved it.

Today, I got back into the declutter - boxing up stuff to go out, clearing out some kitchen goods and my spice cabinet and handing over some things to my MIL to be redistributed amongst the people.  I managed to get rid of some very old spices and added some bits and bobs from the kitchen to my pile of bye bye items.  Things I had never really used or I had too many of and so on and so forth.  I haven't finished with the kitchen yet - you will probably see more items in coming posts.

My little task for you today is to clear out your spice cabinet.  Step by step;

1) Pull everything out and give the shelves a wipe.  I used a mix of vinegar and water in a spray bottle, but for my oils, which sit on a little rack near the stove, I had to go hardcore with some bicarb and boiling water as they were super greasy.  Ew.
2) Go through all the bottles and packets and check which ones are out date.  Consign the contents to the bin and recycle the packaging.
3) Give the bottles and jars a wipe over.  Some of mine get quite oily from being near the stove top. 
4) This is optional and for those of us who keep our spices in a drawer or somewhere where we look at them from above.  Stick little labels on the top of the jars and write the name of the herb or spice so you can grab things quickly and easily.
5) Pop them all back in your own little logical order.  When I did my mum's, I put them in alphabetical order, but mine are just...there.
6) In order to not have to chuck so many spices out after buying them specially for a recipe, use this nifty little chart for substitution. It doesn't have paprika, which is a bummer...or coriander...but it is a good start.
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