Decluttering Task Twenty-two

Not much work done today - Little Miss O and I went to the aquarium with a friend of mine and her daughter.  It's only small, but every time we go, we discover something different. Today it was baby turtles and seals with an underwater viewing area.

Just some CDs today....I am listening to each and every one and keeping them or putting them in folders to give away.  I have a plan to digitalise my music collection, but that is another project entirely.

My little suggestion came to me in a dream last night.  Yep - I am dreaming about decluttering.  My suggestion today is to try not to stockpile as it creates clutter and fills up space.  Sure - buying in bulk is useful and often cost effective, but if you don't need it yet, maybe wait til next time to buy it.  For example, I was sorely tempted by a 10% off haircare on Strawberrynet as I want to switch to John Masters Organics shampoo after I tried a sample as it smelt divine and made my hair SUPER soft.  However, I have a big bottle of shampoo in the cupboard - a litre or so, so I really don't need to buy it right now.

All my suggestions/tasks/ideas are just what comes into my head each day.  They may work for you and they may not (I would love to hear if they do) and even I find some of them a bit of a struggle, but they are things I would like to work on doing.

Now time for some abs yoga.  Ouch.


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