Decluttering Task Twenty-one

I am STILL ploughing through my photo collection and Little Miss O and I managed to weed a few more out - some will become postcards and some will be recycled....which brings me to...

Ta da!  Knitting with tshirts.  There is all that stuff that is piling up ready to go out and some of it is proving hard to get rid of.  I mean - who wants my old gym tshirts?  Not even I do....and I am loathe to throw stuff out, so I have been trying out something I have been busting to do for ages......knitting with tshirts.  We need a new rug for the genkan, so I am whipping one up.

It's pretty simple - if you can knit "knit stitch" which just about covers my skill ( I am a consummate scarf knitter and that is about it...) then you can do it.  I cut the yarn like you cut the peel from an apple, just around and around from the tshirt.  It is a bit of a pain cos sometimes the tshirt seams come apart and then eherm...stitches are dropped.  Will update you when it is done.


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