Decluttering Task Twenty

Just a little decluttering today as I spent most of my time taking a little girl and a toy elephant and a toy bunny to the aquarium...but I squeezed in some cleaning out of the bathroom and got rid of headbands that always fall off and a foot scraper that doesn't scrape.  Man.  It's as if the stuff multiplies when I am not looking.

Just a little task today inspired by today's outfit - I wore a nice silk shirt that I got for Chrisso (with other things of course!). So - my task is - use your good stuff...your nice china, your glad rags (so love that expression), your fancy shoes....use them.  Why stockpile stuff in cupboards that only has to be dusted, insured and of course...stored.  Are your kids really going to want it?  Personally, I can't wait to turn my mum's coronation mugs into bowling skittles...but that is another story. What is the use of saving them in the cupboard for special occasions?  Why not make every day a special occasion?  Yes - they might break, or the clothes might get worn out eventually, but that is really OK.  They are after all, just things.  Go on - bust out grandma's Shelley china for your cuppa tomorrow morning and start the day with a smile.


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