Decluttering Task Nineteen

So humid today.  I woke up to an amazing electrical storm and torrential rain. There really is nothing like a summer storm, is there?

Little Miss O and I were a frenzy of activity today.  We posted off things that have been sold, went grocery shopping, ripped out quad from my old dolls' house that I am renovating and started removing all the doors for their makeovers, cut out two nighties and a dress and contemplated making bread and butter pudding but didn't quite get round to it.  We also decluttered....posters that are never going to get framed and put on my wall (and will now become wrapping paper), a kimono hanger, jars of sequins, a paper making kit and some frilly pants that I noticed were cutting into Little Miss O's legs yesterday.

Phew.  It's hard to get rid of stuff in Japan - no offloading it all on Vinnies cos there is no Vinnies. Or Salvos. Or Smith Family.  Or Goodwill.  Or Lifeline.  Or ANYTHING.

I have a little task for you today and that is to realise that you won't be able to cover all the hobbies in the world, so stop buying and stashing stuff for them.  I have given up on the idea that I am going to make fab jewellery or beautiful handmade paper so far.... I still think I am going to make gift cards (which I actually do) and knit...but maybe soon I will realise that, well, I should just stick to sewing.  Any hobbies you have bought stuff for but never really done much of?


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