Decluttering Task Eighteen

Woohoo - powering through the bric a brac and sewing stuff at the moment. I am looking forward to having a million things less to dust...and when I took a look at all the ephemera I had for making gift cards, I got super-inspired to sit down next time I get some "me time" (tomorrow night, maybe?) and get stuck into some gift card making.

My task today is about setting criteria for decluttering.  I have already discussed the idea of using numbers and showed how I narrowed down my make-up collection this way here, and so I thought I would think up some other criteria to help you.  My current criteria for ornament-y bric-a-brac-y stuff is along the lines of "do I love it and does it have a strong memory attached to it?"  For example - I have some vintage glassware that I collected a while ago in the UK, but essentially, although attractive, there is no feeling attached to it - no great memory or such, so I am selling it.  However, I have a vase that I bought in Jaipur, India, for example, and every time I look at it, I remember the hotel where I bought it and then I go off on a tangent remembering the hotel, the joy of the hot showers we had for the first time in many days, watching Bollywood films on telly with my friend at night, eating tikka paneer and so on and so on and a host of happy memories come flooding back.  AND it's beautiful, so I keep it.

Maybe this can be applied to things you are finding it hard to make decisions about and see if you can jettison some more items..but not have too many regrets.


  1. I think thats the problem with getting rid of stuff, the sentimentality attached it! I have the same issue.

    1. haha - yes - that is true too. However, I find that some stuff, which has memories attached is not the stuff I like to keep - especially if a crap ex-boyfriend gave it to me, for example. :)


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