Decluttering Task Seventeen

Man - so humid. Am still sweating after a run even though I had a shower to cool down.  Wah.  A busy day today.

Around 20kg of fabric came out of my stash today.  That's a lot.  It feels good.  Is anyone out there beginning to become addicted to decluttering?  I am freakin' LOVING it.  Fabric, ugly clothes that I am never going to upcycle, excess baby linen, a pram bag that didn't work for me at all, an old tripod....bye bye.

Today's little task is for those of you who might be waning a bit in your decluttering/simplifying or whatever you wish to call it.  I have called it "Get thee a manifesto."  My manifesto is a bit of old A4 stuck on the fridge with Little Miss O's scribble on part of it and much battered and it is simply a list that goes a little something like this;

Important: Little Miss O, the lovely Mr O, family, friends, domestic harmony, inner peace, music, creativity, mind cultivation, learning, good food and wine, exercise, fresh air, nature, treading lightly, laughter, sleep, sex, kindness, travel, positive experiences

Unimportant: Facebook (written before I closed my account), stuff, shopping, keeping up, showing off, perfection, worldly achievement, financial riches, housework

Your manifesto can take whatever form you like.  A photo, a list, a's up to you.  Keeping in mind what is important might help you to continue to move towards those for me.  Ganbatte kudasai!


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