Decluttering Task Sixteen

Oh film proud I felt when I bought you in Hong Kong in 2001 and how long you have languished unloved in the cupboard, so it is time to release you.  I am now down to two cameras - a snappy happy digital and an SLR digital with two lenses.  Ample.

Before I forget - I am going to be computer-free until Sunday, so will restart my blogging then.

I am re-reading (my third book this month - hoorah!) Alain de Botton's Status Anxiety at the moment, and it has an interesting graph, which I shall describe because I am not sure I am allowed to legally copy it and put it on here about our level of happiness related to acquisitions e.g a new car, handbag whatever. Instead of our happiness level peaking at the purchase and then plateau-ing out as we would expect i.e we would expect to maintain our level of happiness at the same level as the moment we bought the thing, it actually peaks and then goes down... Errr...and the point of this being?  Buying/acquiring stuff doesn't make you happy.

Your task for today is a simple organisational one.  As you go around clearing out stuff, you may find instruction booklets to various gadgets around the place.
Get some different coloured folders, label them with each room of the house and file the relevant instruction booklets in them;

We also have one for personal electronics such as cameras and mobiles as they are kept in a cupboard in the hall when they are not out and about with us.  This system makes it easy to find the instructions if needed and has worked really well for us so far.


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