Decluttering Task Fifteen

 Sorry - these pics look like crap today - I just can't get them to behave themselves...and I am way too much in the swing of my declutter to spend a lot of time on it - especially as Little Miss O is snoozing now, so I have some free time.  YES!  Lots more books, some kitchen items that have been playing a decorative role for some time now and are just in the way, pretty as they are... Finally, which brings me to the task for today, some chipped items.  Keep reading to find the task.  xxx

 Today's task is to go to your kitchen cupboard or your china cabinet or whatever it is and look for any chipped items.  Chips harbour bacteria...gross, so really, even if you love it, it shouldn't be used for eating.  If you really, really must keep it, and decluttering and so on is all about your choices, then see if you can repurpose it.  A bowl like the above might be a good thing to pop near the door to throw your keys, phone etc. in when you come home, so that you can always find them.  A pretty teacup might be useful to put your make-up in or to hold a candle for the dinner table.  If not, then really, it should be afterthought, give it to your friend who does mosaic.  I only say this because I have a cousin who does beautiful mosaics...


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