Decluttering Task Fourteen

I am really getting into the swing of things now in declutter land.  Every time something goes, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I never have to clean or store or move or think about that thing again.  EVER.  Fantastic.

Today's items are a couple of cushions I bought in Laos about 6 years ago when I was heavily into pink and heavily into kind of...hippy/boho textiles etc.  They were keeping our backs comfy on our ugly uncomfortable old chairs, but we got new chairs, so we don't need these babies any more.  Cushions, eh?  What does my head in are those pics of beds with rows and rows of decorative cushions on them...what is the point?  You just have to take them all off to go to bed and put them all back on in the morning....although you could have an amazing pillow fight, I guess.

Any superfluous cushions in your place? Your task today is to look around and see if your place is overstuffed with cushions or pillows. We now have one cushion on the sofa for when I want to lie down and read and need it to support my head and one for a bit of padding on the back and two to replace the foam seat on an old wooden chair.  Each of us has a small pillow for our beds. We do have some skeletons in our closet - some tatami cushions, so I will see if my MIL needs them for her Buddhist prayer hall.  If you have way too many than you need...well, you know what to do.


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